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General questions.

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1 Q. How much does it cost to process and print a mailing? 862
2 Q. How much is postage? 843
3 Q. What format does my mailing list need to be in? 776
4 Q. Do you provide mailing lists? 835
5 Q. What is National Change of Address? 934
6 Q. How should my list data be formatted? 837
7 Q. Can you household and/or remove duplicates from my list? 761
8 Q. Is Connolly Printing a union print shop? 852
9 Q. Can Connolly Printing use our artwork in their advertisements? 746
10 Q. Where do I pick up my order? 804
11 Q. What information should I include with my order? 780
12 Q. Can I cancel my order once its been placed? 808
13 Q. What is your standard production time? 1001
14 Q. What do I need to know about payment policy? 759
15 Q. Do you charge for designing my piece? 805
16 Q. Do you proofread and spell check my piece? 914
17 Q. If I design my own artwork, what program should I use? 850
18 Q. How much bleed space should be left on digitally printed pieces (postcards, palmcards, brochures, lapel stickers, business cards, etc)? 835
19 Q. If I am designing my own artwork for a mailing, what size must I leave for the addressing area? 748
20 Q. How do I send files? 832
21 Q. What's the difference between a vector and a raster file? 856
22 Q. What design specs should I follow? 803
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