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Business Cards

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Boost business with high quality business card printing

Business cards not only make the first impression for you and your business, but they are also an inexpensive and useful marketing tool.
  • Finished Size: 2” x 3.5”
  • Printed on 120# Uncoated Cover Stock
  • Turnaround: Business Cards usually ship from our facility within 2 - 5 business days.
  • AFL-CIO Union Labels: On all political orders unless otherwise requested. Available on other orders by request.


  250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000
Full Color $61.00 $64.00 $74.00 $111.00 $138.00

folded business cardFolded Business Cards

When you really want to stand out from the pack of other business cards, consider folded business card printing.  Your imagination is really the only limit.  The main thing to consider is that you still want your business card, when folded, to be the standard 3.5 X 2 inches.  This is to make sure that your folded business card will still fit in a wallet or Rolodex.  Here are just a few ideas to consider to get your creative juices flowing.
Extended advertising
The core elements of your business card should be able to stand alone with out the folds.  Your contact information, company name, your name, and title should be immediately visible without your customer having to do anything.  Additional information such as taglines or special offers should be reserved for information that requires your customer to actually manipulate the business card.
Die cuts
To make your folded business card even more interesting, you can try die cuts.  This will let you do something as simple as round your corners or as complicated as creating whole new shapes.  A pet grooming service can have a normally shaped business card at first glance, but the folded portion, when opened, looks like a puppy is peeking out over the top of the business card.  The options are endless.
Extra value
You may be in an industry where conversion charts are used on a regular basis.  In the mortgage industry people often reference interest rate conversion charts.  You can also put local sports team calendars on the folder portion in hopes that your customers will continually reference your business card.
Professional printer
If you are going to be using folded business cards, it is all the more important to use a professional printer.  These firms can ensure that your business cards look professional and do what you want them to do.  Do not try to do folded business cards on your own; that is a recipe for disaster.
Folding it up
As you can see, there really are lots of different ways you can take folded business card design.  So break out of the box and try something interesting.
NOTE: Listed prices are for 1-sided full color products. Please contact us for any pricing that isn't listed or quantities over 2,000. Other paper types & sizes are available upon request.

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