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Personalized Direct Marketing

Connolly Printing has researched and developed a strategic solution for Personalized Direct Marketing.  Personalized Direct Marketing is a standardized process where trigger events are recognized in your data warehouses, segmented into files and quickly mapped to custom-defined business rules. The rules match the data to pre-defined creative materials and fulfillment templates for production and execution of your event-based marketing campaigns. This solution can be applied in a centralized or distributed environment.

With Direct Marketing, timing is everything.  Marketing departments spend allocated dollars creating a unique brand image and require their Direct Marketing efforts to reflect that consistent image.

With Personalized Direct Marketing capabilities, organizations can re-engineer their consumer communications to:

  • Redefine the role of consumer data;
  • Provide better segmentation and personalization;
  • Enable greater contact frequency;
  • Unify the execution process (print, e-mail, telephone); and
  • Measure success more accurately.

A Cooperative Solution:

Connolly's Personalized Direct Marketing solution allows mid-market organizations to utilize the technology advances that normally make economic sense in much larger enterprises.
Connolly's platform eliminates the need for high levels of development infrastructure expense, while our partnerships decrease the need for large mailing volumes through aggregation. Our client’s customer communications can now have the improved impact of Personalized Direct Marketing though coordinated digital print and e-mail at reasonable costs.

Another challenge faced by many mid-market organizations is how to deploy their critical human resources most efficiently. Connolly’s solution offers help here too. As the execution of Marketing operations is moved outside the enterprise, internal resources are freed to focus on campaign development for innovation and differentiation. Our solution allows outside Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to run the “jobs” so your internal SME’s can focus on growing the business through improved customer relationships.

Our web-based interface is easy to use. Create and modify your customized creative templates. Begin communicating to your customers based on their unique data and behavioral patterns.

Through Connolly’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) approach, organizations win with our Personalized Direct Marketing solution. Benefits include:

  • Testing cycles increase so the organization learns more;
  • Personalization lifts response rates 2-10X;
  • Creative templates yield consistency;
  • Outsourcing focuses staff on innovation vs. rote execution;
  • Suppliers guide you around pitfalls vs. learning them for yourself;
  • Organizations think in terms of organizational customer communication vs. departmental campaigns; and
  • Utilization of CRM investment.

Connolly’s solution is priced to make it easy for you to test first and then roll-out. We’re confident of the results you’ll see.

How it works:

You provide: Consumer Targets and Marketing Expertise

  • Behavioral history;
  • Data analysis; and
  • Creative marketing concept and designs.

We provide: Technology and Workflow Process Knowledge

  • Efficient workflow processes;
  • Established outsource providers;
  • Operational infrastructure; and
  • Data and systems integration. 

Client Benefit: Workflow Innovation, Improved Execution and Measurable Results

  • Timely, relevant and consistent consumer communication;
  • Utilize purchasing activity to drive Direct Marketing programs;
  • Provide consumers with choreographed communications;
  • Shorten Direct Marketing testing cycles;
  • Improve acquisition, activation, up/cross-selling and retention rates; and
  • Lifts in response rates of up to 10 times.

For more information on Connolly's Personalized Direct Marketing approach contact us at 781-932-8885.

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