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G7 Qualified Master Printer

What Does This Mean to You?

  • Better match between press and proof
  • Similar visual ‘appearance’ no matter where or how a job is printed
  • Easier file exchange
  • Faster color control saving you time and $ by avoiding wasted prints


calibration toolsConnolly Printing, LLC is now a fully qualified G7 Master Printer for proof, screen and digital printing, allowing our customers to benefit from the best color management available today. This means that we use the worldwide industry accepted standard G7 process to match color across multiple devices so that your print material colors will ‘look the same’ regardless of where or how they’re printed.

rich calibratingOur proofing systems and presses are calibrated and our technicians are fully trained and qualified to produce repeatable consistent color and images from proof to press, press to press, and even facility to facility.We are proud to join a very select group of printers who have earned this seal of approval, and we are excited to use this state of the art process to meet your printing needs.

proofingThe G7 specification is based on gray balance “target values” to monitor and control color. The “G” represents the calibrating Gray values and the “7” is the number of core colors in the ISO printing spectrum… Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Red (M+Y), Green (C+Y) and Blue (C+M). Using the G7 process means that color is measured with hand-held spectrodensitometers to specific color to obtain a neutral Gray common across all printing industries. As a digital and screen printer who is a G7 Master, Connolly Printing has the distinct advantage of conforming to the most common color calibration in the world, allowing us to provide you with state of the art color management for superior products and services.

color matchingAs a G7 Master, Connolly Printing can produce G7 proofs that are easily matched using any of our printing processes on any of our many substrates for consistent visual appearance. Being a G7 Master means we can produce proofs that can be easily matched by any other G7 printer, so your files become portable and interchangeable, and we can accept G7 proofs from other firms including ad agencies and pre-media shops and be ahead of the game in getting to color quickly and accurately.

Achieving the G7 Master Printer status means that Connolly Printing has successfully completed rigorous training, testing and auditing.


m&r 6-color press

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